Inovative fitness technology

New Fitness Technology

Bodyshape is a new unique device that links cardio workout to skin care. This anti-gravity treadmill combines lymphatic drainage thanks to vacuum massage and infrared heat therapy, thus promoting weight loss and reducing cellulite. Additional features include aromatherapy, ozone therapy, LED, color therapy and a collagen lamp. This device can be programmed for the needs of beginners as well as advanced users, and is both user-friendly and effective in providing an unparalleled cardio workout experience.

The technology used in BodyShape machines has been tested and proven. Losing weight, reducing inches, smoother and firmer skin in less than 10 sessions.

Modern design

This innovative fitness device outperforms all competitors by bringing all the science and technology advances in the fitness industry into one single machine. The additional moving elements in the machine distinguish the aesthetics and shape from all other devices available on the market.

In BodyShape, anti-gravity, power, vacuum massage and infrared heating are combined to maximize maximum physical effort and results. This unique combination of vacuum massage + infrared therapy creates an unattainable opportunity to reduce cellulite, lose extra pounds and improve appearance.


With the BodyShape treadmill, you can burn up to 500-5000 calories in just one session. All the latest technology is built into the device, which helps to destroy fat cells and transmit energy.

BodyShape will allow you to lose weight, shape your body and get rejuvenation benefits without having a special diet. Great results in minimal time!