Spa treatments – a delight for body and soul

Why to indugle ourselves with SPA?

Spa treatments are definitely one of the most commonly used forms of relaxation to take time for yourself and make you feel special. They have existed since ancient times, and the term SPA itself means “health through water”.

Today, there are a number of spa therapies ranging from steam bath to finnish sauna, infrared sauna, salt room and more. Although they have different effects on our health, they make us feel energized and energized.

What are the benefits of spa treatments?

Here are the main benefits of spa treatments

They reduce stress

Busy daily life has often had a negative impact on our psychological state. This in turn leads to high levels of stress and tension. Spa treatments are able to help us. Through them we can relax and indulge in a complete relaxation for the mind and body.

Improve blood circulation

It is scientifically proven that while we are in the water, our heart works harder and becomes resistant to various diseases. Therefore, undergoing spa treatments helps improve blood circulation and improve heart function.

Provide adequate sleep

Spa treatments are an unrivaled tool to combat insomnia. The relaxation of the muscles and the calming of the body through spa treatments helps to achieve bliss, which in turn leads to more complete sleep.

Types of spa treatments

Here are some spa treatments to take advantage of during your spa vacation.

Steam bath with aromatherapy

The steam room is a humid version of the Finnish sauna, usually emitting heat of about +45 degrees, with humidity close to 100%. It is a great way to cleanse the body of harmful substances. At the same time, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and hydrating action is also provided. Thanks to the flavoring system, additional sensory pleasures are created.

SPA Center Aqua Spa Hotel Zlatograd
Steam bath in Aqua Spa Hotel Zlatograd

Finnish sauna with aromatherapy

The Finnish sauna maintains an air temperature of + 80 degrees. Made from aromatic wood, in combination with alternating with cold water is very favorable for detoxification, for improving tone, blood circulation and boosting the immune system. Dry air and fever relieves muscle pain, improves cardiac output and blood pressure. Using a dry sauna helps you burn about 300 calories and lose weight.

SPA Center Aqua Spa Hotel Zlatograd
Finnish sauna with aromatherapy in Aqua Spa Hotel Zlatograd

Infrared sauna

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses light to generate heat. The infrared sauna can be used by anyone. It warms the body directly without heating the air around you. If the temperature in the classic Finnish sauna (80-100 degrees Celsius) is high for you, you will be surrounded by gentle warmth here without burdening your heart and respiratory system.

Salt room

The salt room recreates an atmosphere as close to nature as possible. The goal is to neutralize the harmful effects on the body of a number of adverse factors – stress, air and environmental pollution, mental and physical activity, dynamic work.

The Spa Center at Aqua Spa Hotel Zlatograd

At the Aqua Spa Hotel Zlatograd, you can take advantage of these spa treatments, as well as our summer room and winter room.

And the perfect end to all treatments is our relax room, equipped with 3 relaxing sun loungers, uniquely made of travertine.