Spa Center Aqua Spa Hotel Zlatograd

The SPA center is equipped with the latest relax and entertainment modules.

There are steam bath and finnish sauna with aroma therapy, infrared sauna, relax room, winter room, summer room and child’s salt room, as well as fitness center with the latest equippment.

Steam Bath with aromatherapy

A steam bath is a room that is heated by steam. People use it for relaxation, relief of certain medical conditions, detoxification or part of beauty treatments.

Finnish sauna with aromatherapy

The Finnish sauna, also known as the dry sauna, is the best known type for a wide audience. It maintains an air temperature of + 80 degrees.

Infrared sauna

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses light to generate heat. The infrared sauna can be used by anyone.

Summer room

The room is warmed to a temperature of +40 degrees. One of the walls in the room is made of bricks of Himalayan salt. A device with a 5-line LC display is mounted, on which the customer presses a button that activates a program for generating a fine, dry mist made from natural consumables of 8 aromatic herbs and salt steam.

Winter room

The temperature is from 0 to 15 degrees. The room has a Jacuzzi with warm vaudas, in which the feeling is unique. The jacuzzi hydromassage has a particularly favorable effect on diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Children's Salt Room

The salt room recreates an atmosphere as close to nature as possible. The goal is to neutralize the harmful effects on the body of a number of adverse factors - stress, air and environmental pollution, mental and physical activity, dynamic work.

Relax room

The room is equipped with 3 relaxing sun loungers, uniquely made of travertine. There are also shock showers in the room.

Modern gym

За да сте винаги във форма, дори когато сте на път, на Ваше разположение е нашият модерно оборудван фитнес център, където може да тонизирате своето тяло с добра тренировка.

About us

Aqua Spa Hotel Zlatograd offers a magical combination of relaxing spa treatments and a direct connection to nature.


Aqua Spa Hotel Zlatograd offers 53 hotel rooms, elegantly furnished and offering comfort and space.